A few years ago, someone reminded me that all my questions would be answered if I would just “go within.”
I teared up at the time, recognizing the truth of these words, but it’s taken me a good few years to take action on that advice.

I recently re-began a regular journalling practice. You know, where you take intentional time every day to have a written conversation with your Self.

I have such a resistance to actually doing this!

That said, I have learned over the last years that having a regular and sustained connection with my Self, with my inner voice, is a key element of self-care and absolutely integral to my sense of well-being.

Hal Elrod talks about the importance of starting your day off right with intentional rituals, and ever since I have made a commitment to getting up and writing first thing, my world feels different to me.

My needs for self-connection, to be seen, to be heard, to be valued … all well met by daily writing.

So, my question to each of you this week is this: 

What are your minimum requirements for self-care and self-connection?  

  • It takes courage to stay in conversation with yourself.
  • Give yourself permission to know your needs, and to then also meet your needs.
  • Take actions that are in alignment with the deep needs that drive your life.
  • Spend time with people who actually energize you!

What are your heartfelt desires?   

Relationships are the foundation of well-being. Join me in bringing more empathy, acceptance, and service into the world.  What one step can you take this week, that moves you closer to living the life you are truly longing for? What one step?