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  1. Barbara Bobrowitz

    So Yvette, as I listen to the replay of the Aug 7 explanation of the new programs. Here are my questions:
    1) Will the Tuesday/Thursday practice and Q& A’s be the same basic content? To clarify, will the Tuesday Q & A and practice sessions be the same content (depending of course on who is in attendance) as the Thursday session?
    I have a long standing conflict on the first Tuesday of every month which makes me disappointed that this may be something that I have to make a choice about where my energy and focus needs to be.
    2) IF I choose to stay in the membership for a while and then choose to switch to the Advanced group for a while before realizing that maybe I need more skill, can I then return to the membership at my original price point ( began in Nov 2019 so legacy?)
    3) Where is the Pathways to Liberation survey?
    4) How can I set up a 15 min time with you to help me self access?

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