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Someone recently asked me how to motivate ourselves more compassionately.

We’ve all been there. 

We know what we “should” be doing and what we “have to” do, but our hearts just aren’t in it, so we drag our feet.

In frustration we often then turn on ourselves in judgment:

“I’m so undisciplined, I have no will power … who do I keep sabotaging myself?”

All this self-judgment, quite honestly, just zaps our energy even more as we find ourselves stuck between rebelling against the demands, and resentfully submitting to them.

If you are used to motivating yourself with fear and demand energy but are looking for a better way, then this 3 minute audio recording (clipped from a recent practice group session) is just for you!  

We talk about the importance of:

  1. Coming from inspired action instead of just compliance with cultural scripts

  2. Making room for more emergent,”bottom up” processes in your life – not just “top-down” commands and demands.

Have a listen here, and then download this awesome worksheet guide. I made it just for you to help you detox demands in your own life