I’ve spent the last few days offline, nestled up with books, in deep conversations with loved ones and reorganizing my closets. 

Yup, I find organizing, decluttering, cooking and generally cleaning up my home super relaxing and meditative. 

It’s been heavenly.  I hope your holidays have been restful and rejuvenating, too.  

There will be no practice group tomorrow morning as the building we use will be closed for the holidays, and there will be no newsletter this week, or next – except for this brief little note to wish you much happiness as 2018 draws to a close, and 2019 gears up. 

One of the things we did over the last few days, was hang out around the fire listening to protest/peace songs from the ’60’s. I love songs with a message, and I wish some of these lyrics and sentiments would make a musical comeback in popular culture next year … Here’s a little sample of our oldies playlist … 

And a few of my more recent favorites …

What are some of your favorite peace/protest songs? Leave a comment and let us all know!

After all that musical loveliness … I’ve been contemplating:

  • Where do I spend my time and attention? 

  • What do I stand for? 

  • What do I want to withdraw my energies from?  

  • Where do I want to spend more of my energies?  

    It’s a good time of the year for decluttering and re-prioritizing … Here’s to you, serving a deeper vision for yourself and your life in this next year!