My daughter graduates from high school in six weeks.

Even as I type this sentence, I find myself pausing to let that sink in fully. 

Conflicted feelings flood my awareness: sadness, delight, loss, excitement, fear, and deep, deep love. It’s a complicated moment for me. 

Looking Back

Like many parents, I found myself reliving my own childhood memories as she grew up.  

I wanted to change the shame, blame, and domination-based parenting practices that I found painful as a child so that she didn’t have to suffer in those ways, and I also wanted to bring forward the creative, empathic, and relational practices that nurtured my growth and development. I found myself wanting to protect her from pain while helping her connect with her strength and resilience to face life on its terms.   

Whenever I felt lost, I’d ground myself in my deep belief that my daughter’s behavior was a direct reflection of her met and unmet needs at various developmental stages interacting with and activating my conscious and unconscious triggers as a parent.  

Essentially, I always have two places to look when I want something to change: her (met and unmet) needs and my (un/conscious) triggers.

What I’ve Learned

I was not a perfect parent by any means, but I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons about the deep shifts needed to transform domination-based parenting into authoritative, life-affirming parenting that honors our children’s dignity and souls.  

As I healed my own pain, as I became more conscious of my own triggers, as I resourced myself more as a parent, I noticed how my daughter’s behaviors and reactions to me also changed.  

I learned how to let go of controlling and micromanaging all outcomes and to relax into loving her on her own terms. I learned how boundary problems “out there” were often a reflection of boundary problems “in here” and how to navigate that more effectively.  

And, I realized that as I was parenting my daughter I was also being given an opportunity to parent my own inner children. Sometimes, I realized, I was trying to fix something “out there” in my child that actually needed to be embraced and healed inside of myself first.   

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