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September 24, 2023


Welcome, everyone!  Happy July!

I am sooo grateful for the community we have built here, and hope that you find something of benefit every time you visit my site!

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And this month in the Membership…

July’s focus is on interdependence.  Like any polarity, the dance between dependence and interdependence is often fraught with confusion over where I begin and you end.  One of my favorite takes on this comes from Dr. Jean Twenge :

“This is the dirty little secret of modern life: We are told that we need to know ourselves and love ourselves first, but being alone sucks…
The truth is that human beings DO need other people to be happy — this is just the way we are built… We gain self-esteem from our relationships with others, not from focusing on ourselves….Study after study shows that people who have good relationships with friends and family are the happiest — these things consistently trump money or job satisfaction as predictors of happiness and life satisfaction.”

I encourage you to sign up for a month if you’d like to check that out!

Much love,

File of Useful Stuff:

Click on any of the titles below to download the corresponding handouts. These are frequently used in many of our programs, including Conversations from the Heart, Human 101, and the Membership.



We are a community of conscious, co-creative, and compassionate humans who are fueled by the loving power of connection, dedicated to our individual and collective healing, growth, and development, and committed to the alleviation of suffering in our world.


I’m here to help you increase your clarity, courage, and compassion by offering spaces for learning, growth, and self-awareness. We cultivate moments of clarity, insight, and transformation while opening and softening hearts.


Please read through these shared beliefs and practices for our community. If you decide to join any of my programs, I request that you follow these principles to make it a space that is safe, nurturing, and healthy for all participants and members.

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Recorded Content Policy

As we all become more sophisticated users of technology for online learning and connection, we strive for a high degree of rigor and transparency around how we handle and use online data. It’s our deep intention to create safe, strong containers for online learning so that you can participate with confidence while supporting our ability to keep, use, and refer to the teaching content that we’ve provided online.

As a result, we want to outline how we approach the recording, storage, and use of the content created for our online programs, including but not limited to Conversations from the Heart calls, Member Calls, recorded webinars, and recorded trainings. We want to make sure that you understand online learning privacy standards for these programs before you participate in an online learning experience with us so that you can make informed choices about your own level of transparency and participation in these programs.

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Here is a list of many of the teachers, modalities, and frameworks that I draw from and integrate into my work. There is so much helpful material out there, and I am only listing a few that I have personally used and been trained in.

Nonviolent Communication

NVC is a foundational, grounding philosophy in all my work. I highly recommend that people study this transformative process with experienced trainers and with their local communities. You can learn more about NVC here:

The Center for Nonviolent Communication

NVC Academy

Body-Based Therapies & Trauma Healing

If you have trouble getting “into” your body, you might want to explore a variety of body-based therapies to help you reconnect to your embodied self. Since we often “jump out” of our bodies as a result of trauma, many of these modalities focus on healing trauma. Here are some places to start exploring:

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Welcome to our Student Portal! Here’s some basic information about how to find your way around, along with an outline of the different pages available.

Navigating to Your Courses

Here on the Student Portal alongside the Student Updates from me, you’ll see a panel titled Your Courses that features a list of all those programs that you can currently access. Clicking on those titles takes you to the dashboard for each particular program.

We hope it’s all self-explanatory, but please let us know if you have any questions.

Student Portal Overview

Below are some general links to different pages with what you’ll find there. Note that if you don’t have access to a particular program yet and you click on the link for that course, you’ll be taken to a registration page where you can learn more or sign up.

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Is this pure NVC training?

Many people who attend my programs are interested in how to apply Marshall Rosenberg’s model of Nonviolent Communication to their personal development journey. As a result, we often refer to the principles and practices of NVC.

The scope of exploration also includes broader principles of nonviolence, compassion, and mindfulness, as well as insights from relational and integral psychology and spiral dynamics.

In my facilitation, guidance, and teaching, I draw from whatever resources seem relevant or useful to the moment, such as archetypes, shadow work, and polarity theory, as well as the work and teachings offered by various NVC teachers.

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Live with Yvette:

Case Studies in Applied Compassion

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