Targeted applications for specific developmental stages

What does wholehearted, relational parenting look like with teenagers? What about with adult children?  Join us for either of these deep dive application sessions

$79 each or $149 for both

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PLEASE NOTE:  Since these sessions are designed to focus upon the practical application of the information, roadmaps and principles taught by Dr. Erasmus, registration is limited exclusively to people who have enrolled in The Parenting Masterclass or to members of Dr. Yvette Erasmus’ Conversations from the Heart Full Membership community.  

Session #1: Tuesday March 28th, 6:00pm CT

Parenting Teenagers

Relationships Domain of Change
  • Feeling confused, frightened or helpless about the choices your teen is making?
  • Wanting more clarity, confidence and self-trust about how you’re navigating the constant push and pull between autonomy and dependence inherent in the teenage years?

Teenagers often feel like no-one can understand them, especially their parents.

They are dealing with hormone changes, issues of identity and sexuality, self-care, connection and autonomy.


One moment they want to be “little” and close, an and the next moment, they are pushing you away and rolling their eyes at you.

It’s disorienting, unpredictable and exhausting

Their present moment needs are constantly changing, you’re trapped in unpredictable push-pull cycles of connection and power struggles tend to increase. You may be arguing more than ever, or feeling a deep tug in your heart as your teenager withdraws silently and pulls away from you into themselves.

Join us on Tuesday March 28th to share with others about the joys and frustrations of parenting teenagers, get some strategies and insights into the complex dynamics that are typically at play during this developmental age, and get clarity and a roadmap to help you navigate these complex parenting tasks with more confidence and ease.

Session #2: Wednesday, March 29th, 6:00pm CT

Parenting Adult Children

The most common struggle that parents of adult children face, is estrangement and distance.  

  • Have you been trying to build a closer relationship with your adult children, but they just keep you at arm’s length?  
  • Do you feel like no matter how skillfully you word things, that they just keep getting triggered by you and misunderstanding your good intentions? 


Relationships Domain of Change

Join us on Wednesday, March 29th to share with others about the joys and frustrations of trying to connect with your adult children, get some strategies and insights into the complex dynamics that are typically at play now that they are launched and independent from you, and get clarity and a roadmap to help you navigate this new kind of relationship with more confidence and ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any prerequisites for joining?

The special topics sessions are open to people who are already enrolled in The Parenting Masterclass.  Since these special sessions are based on applications of the material covered in the course and in our programs, we limit registration for these special topics to only those people who have taken this course, or those who have been studying with her more deeply, such as ongoing members of Dr. Yvette’s membership community.

What else might people ask?

I don’t know

If I can't make the live session can I still register?

YES – you will get access to the video replay and can rewatch as often as you like.

You have access to our Student Portal and to the program dashboard. You’ll log into there to watch the videos, and you’ll check off your progress as you go along, opening up the next module.

You will need reliable access to the internet, and you can watch using your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

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What if I don't have teenagers or adult children?

The general principles we cover will apply to all ages from infants to adult children. However, the particular strategies and implementation of these principles will look different from one developmental stage to the next, and we will talk about those differences during our sessions.  You are more than welcome to attend either or both application sessions, even if you don’t have children at those particular developmental ages. 

What's the time investment?

Each session is 90 minutes long, and will consist of new material specific to that developmental age.  The majority of the time will be spent on fielding questions and applying principles to the unique challenges faced by parents with children at these developmental stages. 


What if I want more personalized support?

However, if you need personalized support, you are welcome to book a private consultation with me, and we can work through whatever situation you are facing. (Note that private consultations are not included with the workshop registration fee.)

Do you want …


Targeted teaching
 and Q&A applications unique to the specific developmental tasks of each age group.


Connection with other parents
who share similar struggles and insights.


A curated list
 of resources, videos and readings specific to this particular developmental stage.


Time to ask questions and get support around the challenges and strategies appropriate to this particular stage.

What people are saying …

Yvette’s mastery of empathetic listening, skillful interventions, and compassion-based framework has transformed my relationship with my children. I field their emotions so much more effectively and no longer get so stuck in my own triggers, fear, and anger.


– K.S., M.Ed, Teacher and Parent

So many other parenting books or courses turned me off with their preaching or quick fixes. I was thinking that parenting is too complex to “teach” or “learn” when I come across your fabulous, self-reflective course that honors the complexity of parenting. I love how you focus on relationships, growth and what we are bringing to the situations instead of focusing on “fixing” our children.

– Suzanne D., Workshop Participant

Yvette generously brings her full self to her work and truly practices what she preaches, modeling the healing relational work she promotes. For me, this modeling has been a profound gift. Her style is authentic, connecting and masterful.


– T.L., workshop participant

Yvette is warm, engaging, and entertaining. A gifted presenter who delivers deeply meaningful content in a warm and loving way. She makes what is dark in ourselves humorous and workable.


– L.S., course participant

I was not even fully aware of how pervasive my tendency toward blaming and judging were before I began working with Yvette. She created a paradigm shift for me in my life as I discovered that I can bring acceptance and curiosity into challenging situations.


– R.S., workshop participant

I love thinking about the ditches on both sides of the road and the constant recalibration based on where we are at now. Like so many other parents I wish I had found your work earlier but know we always have now, acknowledging and mining the lessons from the past and moving with more wisdom, emotional grounding and openness into the future.


– R.S., workshop participant

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$79 each, or $149 for both

If you are experiencing financial hardship, a scholarship or sliding scale fee may be available. Please email us, and we will do our best to make this course as accessible for you as possible.

If you are experiencing financial abundance and want to sponsor someone who might not otherwise be able to register for this course, please let us know, and we will gladly pass on your additional contribution to someone who needs it.