Recorded Content Policy

As we all become more sophisticated users of technology for online learning and connection, we strive for a high degree of rigor and transparency around how we handle and use online data. It’s our deep intention to create safe, strong containers for online learning so that you can participate with confidence while supporting our ability to keep, use, and refer to the teaching content that we’ve provided online.

As a result, we want to outline how we approach the recording, storage, and use of the content created for our online programs, including but not limited to Conversations from the Heart calls, Member Calls, recorded webinars, and recorded trainings. We want to make sure that you understand online learning privacy standards for these programs before you participate in an online learning experience with us so that you can make informed choices about your own level of transparency and participation in these programs.

Recording Practices, Storage, & Access

All live online teachings and calls are recorded using the Zoom interactive meeting or webinar platform. Access to recordings may be made available to agents and employees of Yvette Erasmus LLC, registered members of Yvette’s online learning community, and to participants of these programs. Audio recordings may be downloadable for participants and members. Video recordings are not downloadable and are made available for viewing on password-protected sites.

Recordings are stored on a private computer owned by Yvette Erasmus LLC and in an encrypted Amazon S3 cloud storage account that blocks public access. Some video recordings are privately hosted on Vimeo and are not open to the public. Additional copies of recorded sessions may be stored in a private Dropbox account, or on the personal computers of Yvette Erasmus LLC agents and employees. All recordings are protected by Yvette Erasmus LLC copyright.

Sharing & Use

Recordings are made available for personal use only to registered participants of the programs. Archives of select trainings are made available to registered members of the Online Learning Community. Sharing or redistribution of any part of these recorded sessions constitutes a violation of copyright. Yvette Erasmus LLC reserves the right to re-purpose all or part of the recordings in future trainings and programs.

By participating in Yvette Erasmus online programming, you are providing consent to the above recording policy and understand that you’re responsible for participating at your level of comfort. You have the following options if you would like to maintain anonymity in the recordings:

  • You can turn your camera off so that your face is not visible.
  • You can use a symbolic or abstract image instead of a photo of yourself for the display image.
  • You can use a pseudonym instead of your real name.
  • You can use the chat feature to ask questions so that your voice is not recorded.