Relationships as Spiritual Practice Retreat

Dr. Yvette Erasmus, PsyD

Imagine how beautiful life could be when each of our relationships, including the challenging ones, are experienced as gifts to be embraced.

This capacity lies within each of us.

Give yourself the opportunity to explore and nurture your capacity for clear, empowered, compassionate action in your relationships by joining me this summer at the tranquil Christine Center in Willard, Wisconsin.

Over the course of this weekend retreat, I’ll walk you through a number of experiences and exercises designed to reveal how the relationships in our lives are opportunities for spiritual growth, focusing especially on learning what it takes to love without losing ourselves.

Let me help you connect to your most deeply loving and liberated self, so that you can have meaningful, authentic and enriching relationships in your life.

Join us for a deep dive into:

  • What “spiritual practice” means to you
  • Loving up our “bad” parts
  • Stepping out of power struggles 
  • Relationship mirrors and projections 
  • How boundaries increase self-trust and deeper connection

We are here on this planet to love – ourselves, others, and the world.

Come spend some time with me in beautiful, serene, rural Wisconsin and explore the possibility of transforming yourself by seeing your relationships as opportunities for profound spiritual practice and transformation.

This live retreat builds upon and extends the content and material covered in my online course, Relationships as Spiritual Practice. All registered students will get instant access to that online course to complete as preparation for the live intensive.

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About the Christine Center

The Christine Center is a beautiful spirituality retreat center located in Central Wisconsin only a few hours from Minnesota and Illinois. Lodging includes a variety of on-site rooms and cabins, with the option to choose single or double occupancy.

Buffet-style meals at the Christine Center are homemade with fresh, natural whole foods, and grown locally when available.All meals served are vegetarian, and the Christine Center can accommodate vegan, gluten free, and dairy-free diets by request. 

Space is limited.

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Room & Board (2 nights & 6 meals)

Depending on which room you select, the cost of room and board varies from $206 to $265.

To reserve a room to share with friends, call The Christine Center at 715-267-7507.

Financial Aid Options

Financial aid may be available for a limited number of participants. Please complete this form to apply.

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Health & Safety Policy

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“There is no one I know who is as extraordinary at working with people to have them get in touch with themselves and others in such a powerful, effective manner. Yvette is a Black Belt in personal relationships and communication. There is no one I’ve ever seen anywhere who can consistently and patiently deal with people’s wide range of challenges and provide such caring, heartfelt, wise and effective ways of addressing each of them. She is a gift to our world.”

Terry Gips

CEO of Sustainability Associates, Co-Founder and President of the Alliance for Sustainability and Father of four children

“Yvette has that rare combination of a bright and quick intellect along with an expansive heart with which she compassionately brings nonviolent and relational skill sets alive for those who have the privilege of learning from her. Through stories, teachings and interactive engagement our group was able to deeply connect with the vitality of personal growth practices and then apply them to our lives afterward. I have personally grown more accepting and open-minded by applying these principles.”

Terry Shaughnessy

Men’s Coordinator for Wisdom Ways Spirituality Center