Week 1

H101: Training for the Moment

3 Kinds of Sight

“Connection before correction; empathy before education.”

–Marshall Rosenberg

The first skill we are going to cover is

Training for the moment.

How do we do it? We develop three kinds of sight.

Personal growth on our self-development journey moves through predictable stages:

  • Hindsight:

Becoming aware of "what happened," reflecting upon the past, how something went. Being willing to become conscious of what I wasn't conscious of before.

  • Foresight:  

Imagining a better way, seeing new possibilities, new responses to old situations. The seat of creativity and innovation.

We often live in the tension between our current functioning and our vision for what we could be, what we could say, how we could respond.

It's vitally important to greet ourselves with patience and compassion as we become increasingly aware of the gap between how we are now, and how we would like to become.

As we practice hindsight (self-awareness, self-responsibility) and foresight (clear alignment with our deep values and vision) we start to notice ourselves showing up differently than we used to. We develop the insight to show up in ways of our choosing instead of reacting from our socialization and fears.

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How do you want to be treated when someone wants to raise your awareness about something that they find challenging about you? How would you want them to approach you? To talk to you? What is it that you’d need from them to be open to their feedback?
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