November 3rd is election day in the United States, and feelings are running high.

I find myself more activated, more anxious, and somewhat distracted.

It feels like so much is at stake, and we are more divided than ever.

For me, this election is not about Trump versus Biden or one party versus another; it’s about preventing even more massive regression and decline into more hatred, violence, and inequity in this country. So, I have 3 nuggets for you today:

Nugget #1

Whether you lean conservative or liberal, my first relevant point today, is a quote from political philosopher John Rawls, who said this:

“Let’s say you’re going to be born into America but you don’t know what you going to be born as: you might be a woman, a man, you might be an immigrant, you might be a native, you might be Mexican, Black, Jewish, White, rich, poor, gifted, born with all sorts of mental challenges – you have no idea.

All you know is you are going to be born into America.

What kind of society do you want to create if you don’t know who you are going to be in that society?”

Please vote for the candidate who would try to build the kind of society you would want to be born into if you didn’t know who you were going to be.

Nugget #2

I heard someone recently express what this election is about for him, and I offer you a transcription of his words. I found them fortifying and deeply meaningful to me. He said:

These are the things about which we cannot seem to agree:

Peace is always superior to war.

Learning is superior to ignorance.

Science is superior to superstition.

Community is greater than the tribe.

World over nation.

Future over past.

Generosity over greed.

Humanity over capital.

Democracy over fascism.

Knowledge is more important than information.

Wonder is more important than entertainment.

We love those who owe us nothing.

We care for those unlike ourselves.

We protect liberty, and dignity at all costs.

We live with consciousness.

It is not about Donald Trump or Joseph Biden.

It is about the future of who we are as a people, as a world and even a nation.

And I am worried.” (@el741001 on TikTok)

Nugget #3

And finally, please remember this about narcissistically defended people:

One of their foundational, go-to defenses is projection. Any attack or accusation from them is the closest thing you will ever get to a confession. They will reliably accuse you and others of the very things that they are guilty of themselves. They use primitive but powerful deflection defenses, which explains why it’s so confusing and disorienting to be caught up in their deeply distorted reality fields.

And now, as always, I’d love to hear from you.

Which of these 3 nuggets were most useful to you this week?

What is helping you stay sane and grounded during these transformative and unpredictable times? Please leave a comment below and let me know.


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